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Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Welcome to The Secrets of the Glass Slippers blog! May it encourage you to open your heart to sweet love.

2020 was supposed to be your year! If you are single, this is the year that you were going to meet, ‘The One,’ and enjoy the most romantic year of your life. You dreamt of experiencing romantic evenings that would eventually lead to a fairytale wedding and happily ever after. If you are in a relationship, you were probably planning to grow closer, solidify your future together, and enjoy 2020!

We all entered this year excited about achieving some of our most sought after goals. We positioned our vision boards exactly where we could channel their energy into our reality. We were supposed to pursue our careers passionately and finally embrace our purpose. To our surprise, we encountered an unprecedented global pandemic. We have been ordered to self-quarantine, stay in place, social distance in public, wash our hands for at least 20 seconds at a time, and wear masks in public. If that were not enough to contend with, Racism2020 & Narcissist#45 arose.

Well, I’m here to tell you to hold on and trust God. If you seek a loving, committed relationship, you are in the prime position to attract, ‘The One’ that God has chosen just for you!

In this season, your heart is completely turned towards God. God has your undivided attention. Your mind is open for renewal & transformation. In the middle of this pandemic, your authentic self has manifested itself. Your true character is being revealed. If there is anything in you that needs healing, development, or expression, it is surfacing. The atmosphere is perfect for yokes to be destroyed and burdens to be removed. This is the perfect time to seek God. Ask Him for protection, guidance, and wisdom. Your daily calendar is light, and you have personal time that you didn’t have before. This is your opportunity to practice generosity and serve others while making a difference where you can. If you desire to be married, this is the time to prepare. Walk in the confidence of the Lord. Continue to rise, grow, and evolve. When you are weary, confused, or afraid, God will carry you through.

There’s a blessing in the storm, and one day the sun will come out again. In the interim, please practice proper COVID-19 health methods and be safe. God is the epitome of love. Love is going to get us to the other side of this storm because love never fails.

Glass Slipper Wisdom: Say a little prayer for, ‘The One’ that you long to be with and whom you have not yet met. They are wondering where you are, as much as you are thinking of them. Take nothing for granted and cherish each moment.

With Gratitude & Joy,



“I am here to encourage you to become the woman of God that you are called to be in order to attract that anointed man of God whom the Lord has chosen for you, so that you may both advance God’s kingdom” (The Secrets of the Glass Slippers, page ix).

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